About Us

Who we are

IT Squared is a South African based company with more than 10 years experience in the international ICT arena. We have a qualified, highly skilled and diverse team of software engineers, designers, SEO specialists, system analysts and account managers who are passionate about what they do. We understand that we need to make your business successful in order to earn ours.

What we're about

There are many ways to solve complex problems but the simplest is often the best. We are firm believers that less is more and that keeping things simple, intuitive and beautiful makes our software more user friendly.

Under the hood our proprietary software platform called Infiniti takes care of the more complicated logic and tasks so that users don’t have to. Infiniti consists of building blocks which we can easily assemble to create your unique software within the promised deadlines.

Communication is crucial and there’s far more involved than simply planning, designing and coding when it comes to keeping our clients happy. We pride ourselves on being able to talk our clients language and work with them in order to reach their goals and provide them with the support they need for peace of mind.