Web Design Services

Software as a service (SaaS)

Designing and developing your website can be an expensive exercise. We understand that most clients can't afford a large initial cash outlay. That's why we use the software as a service model. The client pays a small setup and deployment fee to get going and then a low monthly rental fee which includes, hosting, domain management, e-mail hosting and the website system rental.

There are many advantages for the client when using this model:

Single provider: Because we handle the design, development, hosting and even the SEO (if required) of the website, the client has a single point of contact.

Low start-up cost: The low setup cost makes it much easier for a client to launch their website.

Maintenance and support: We are constantly working on our web platform to ensure that it complies with the latest standards and technologies.

Responsive design

Your website needs to look good on more than just a desktop computer. Most users access the web from their mobile phone or tablet. There are so many different kinds of web enabled devices that it would be very difficult to design a version of your website for each and every device. That's why we make use of a responsive design methodology.

Responsive design means that your website looks great on any device and automatically adapts to the display size of the device being used. Now there only needs to be one version of your site instead of different versions for mobile devices and tablets which means less maintenance and a more consistent look and feel.

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